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Organic Black Kabuli Chickpeas™

Organic Black Kabuli Chickpeas™


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You won’t find another chickpea like the Black Kabuli Chickpeas™. Its seed coat is charcoal black rather than the typical blonde color of garbanzo beans.

Our Black Kabuli Chickpeas are a unique variety developed by plant breeders at the Washington State University, Pullman WA. The name Kabuli means “from Kabul” in Hindi, and this variety is thought to have come originally from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kabuli chickpeas range in color from white to pale cream-colored tan to dull brown to deep charcoal black. Our Black Kabuli Chickpeas are pure black and carefully color-sorted so you get only the highest quality. When you buy our beautiful Kabulis, you will occasionally find what looks like a white seed. Look closely, that’s actually a chickpea that has cracked open; the inside is creamy white.

The Black Kabuli makes a great addition to salad, and a colorful ingredient in soup. Try it “refried” in your favorite Mexican recipe, or let this chickpea add pizazz to your next hummus recipe.

Soak overnight and cook for about 30 minutes, or allow one hour to cook at a simmer.

Available in 14 ounce packages

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