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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Agriculture is concerned with ultimate wealth – the ability to provide food and fiber – and it depends in a direct way on natural energy sources: on sun and water and wind, on photosynthesis, on the biology of the soil.

Agriculture can be the model for a sane and a safe lifestyle, for an economy that depends on local resources and appropriate technologies, for a close and proper relationship with Nature.

Agriculture can be a paradigm for sustainability.

“Sustainability” has been a part of the Timeless culture from the very beginning.

Four young farmers founded Timeless Seeds in 1987; three of them had returned to their conventionally farmed family operations in order to convert their farms to organic practices. All four met through the Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO), a Montana-based organization focused on energy conservation and renewable energy.

From its founding Timeless has been a mission-driven enterprise, dedicated to advocating for environmentally responsible organic agriculture, promoting soil-building crop rotations, and creating markets that would allow family farmers to stay on the land.

And like all businesses, we depend on our staff. We value our employees by acknowledging and accommodating their personal needs. We are proud to create jobs in two small communities in rural Montana.

We recognize our responsibility and our opportunity to operate in a manner that is as earth-friendly and people-friendly as possible. It is a journey we have embraced for nearly three decades and look forward to continue to do so into the future.

Social Responsibility
We believe all business must be socially just and responsible; to be honest in all business activities and contribute to the strength and growth of supporting communities. As a small business we defend the rights of all workers to equal access to job opportunities, to earn a fair and livable wage, and to be employed in a clean and safe working environment.

It is our goal to create real economic benefit to society, to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of our communities, to support local and rural economies, family farms and food-based businesses, and the diversity of rural culture. To do so, we must generate a reasonable profit to support the long-term viability of our business.

At Timeless we continue to promote good health through education and the delivery of safe, unadulterated, minimally processed, nutritious food.

Energy Use
We process, pack, transport, and distribute our products from field to market as efficiently as possible fueled by environmentally responsible and renewable fuel sources when available. We are always working to improve our energy efficiency, reduce our energy consumption, and limit food-miles traveled whenever possible.

Solid Waste Reduction
We continue to reduce waste by reusing, recycling, and composting all appropriate products and materials, as well as donating usable items. At Timeless, we recycle paper, bags, damaged packaging, unusable cardboard boxes from our suppliers, and recyclable office products and equipment.

Organic Certified
Organic methods of food production and processing respect and rely on natural resources and processes. Our lentils, grains, peas, and chickpeas are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or fumigants. None of our products are genetically engineered or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Certification by an independent third-party is an assurance that products labeled organic have been grown and processed according to strict USDA standards.

Download our latest organic certification documents.

Kosher Certified
Timeless Seeds, Inc., has received kosher certification from e Star-K, Baltimore MD. All of the grains and seeds processed in our facility are kosher certified. Look for the Star-K on our products; it is the symbol of one of the premier kosher certifications on the international scene today.

Download our latest kosher certification documents.