What has come to be called “sustainability” has been a part of our lives and the heart of our business from the beginning.


Timeless Seeds was founded in 1987 by four young farmers, three of whom returned to their conventionally-farmed family operations in order to convert them to organic practices. From day one we have been a mission-driven enterprise, dedicated to advocating for environmentally-responsible organic agriculture,  promoting soil-building crop rotations, and creating markets that would allow family farmers to stay on the land.


At its best, agriculture is a renewable enterprise, is in tune with natural energy flows, and is a steward of the earth’s resources.  The four of us who founded Timeless actually became acquainted through our association with the Alternative Energy Resources Organization, and we were in energy conservation and renewable energy activities even before we met.  


And like all businesses, we depend on our staff.   We value our employees by acknowledging and accomodating their personal needs.  We are proud to create jobs in two small communities in rural Montana. Additionally, since 1994, by way of a unique partnership with Quality Life Concepts, we have been providing meaningful employment for over a dozen developmentally disabled adults packaging our retail line.


But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond farming practices and our staff. In 2010, we became the first (and so far only) Montana entity to join the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Along with other SFTA members, we commit ourselves to carrying out, documenting, and reporting our sustainability efforts in eleven key areas. As a business, we recognize our responsibility and our opportunity to operate in a manner that is as earth-friendly and people-friendly as possible. It is a journey we have embraced for nearly three decades and eagerly continue to do so into the future.