Timeless is dedicated to partnership with:



The healthiest food comes from a clean environment with biologically active soils, and from land that is free from agricultural chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. We also use minimal packaging and biodegradable materials to reduce post-consumer waste.


Family Farmers

Our crops are produced by certified organic family farmers who care about their land and crops. We support these farmers with soil-building crop alternatives, fair prices, and new market opportunities.


Our Community

For well over a decade, we have partnered with Quality Life Concepts, creating meaningful employment for 15 to 20 local developmentally disabled adults, who label and package our retail line. Additionally Timeless annually participates in the nationally-acclaimed “Ag Month” program at Meadowlark School, promoting sustainable and organic agriculture to 4th graders and their parents.


Our Valued Customers

At Timeless, we pride ourselves in providing customers with the highest quality products — high in natural nutrition, GMO-free, and Certified Organic.