Our award-winning, certified organic TIMELESS NATURAL FOOD retail line is found in several hundred fine natural food stores, grocery stores, and specialty food stores across the country. From the wide range of organic grains we produce, we created this premium line by selecting the most beautiful and most nutritious varieties. They range from the familiar–like green lentils. golden flax, and yellow split peas– to the truly unique—like our trademarked Black Beluga, Lentils, Purple Prairie Barley, and Black Kabuli Chickpeas. In addition to being GMO-free and certified organic, you will find these are of unequalled quality.
Stores across America love elegant labels and the colorful “banner effect”,  which gained the line the first place award for Best Package Design by the Montana Ad Council. Shoppers appreciate the nutritional profiles of these whole grains, which individually boast abundant dietary fiber, protein, beta glucans, folates, omega-3’s and 6’s, and a wide range of trace minerals.


These versatile gourmet grains will please your palette as much as they please your eye.  We invite you to try the recipes published at the Recipes link, and to register and contribute your own favorites.


Your purchase supports dedicated certified organic family farmers, who wwwote their lives to environmentally-friendly, non-toxic farming practices, to creating biodiversity, to building healthy soils, and to cooperating with natural systems. Your purchase also makes possible meaningful employment to 20 disabled adults who are proud to operate a simple and safe packaging line, contributing to the Timeless commitment to the Earth, to family farmers, to our valued customers, and to our community.


To learn more about who we are, check out the About Us pages.  To learn more about our fantastic grains, select the specific options from the Products tab above.